Sam Rowland is an author, speaker and singer who has communicated face to face with hundreds of thousands of young people through his presentations at high schools, colleges, and churches all around the world. Whether through his live events, recordings or his life changing book called, “Ten People”, Sam inspires people and helps them to laugh more freely, to love more deeply and to discover fresh hope for themselves and others.

Here are a few fun facts about Sam:

Fave Food

BBQ salmon steaks

Fave Activities

Communicating my faith and eating BBQ salmon steaks

Fave Song

“It Is Well” by Bethel Music

Currently Reading

“All In” by Mark Batterson

I'll Celebrate When

Hey, I am celebrating right now! (What if “when” never comes?)

Best Girlfriend

Rita (since 1985!!) (also first, best—and only—wife!!)

First Girlfriend

Miss Bell (my Grade 1 teacher at Cloverdale Elementary School). I tried various means to win her love, and even kissed her hand while she was marking my spelling test! My heart was broken because she “just wanted to be friends.” (yeah right!!) I am kind of relieved now though, because she is probably about 70 years old now! (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Educational Background

Sam has a master’s degree in Christian Studies (missions & evangelism) from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

Global Reach

Sam has shared his music & evangelistic speaking ministry with the tribal peoples of Namibia, Africa. The secret police came to every concert he did in a country in the 10/40 window (Sorry, we can’t name the country due to political unrest). His songs have stirred the hearts of people in the jungle hills of Jamaica, West Indies. He has communicated the Word of God in great cities and little villages on the European continent. Ministry has taken him from coast to coast in both the United States and in his native country of Canada.

A Ministry of